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Christine McDonald – Owner / Editor-in-Chief

Christine-McDonaldWriting Since I Was Old Enough to Hold a Pencil and a Thought™, Christine McDonald is a savvy business woman with an Associate degree and a background as a court and conference reporter.

I grew up captivated by the arts and in hindsight blame it all on Jimmy Durante.

Mesmerized by music, I spent hours tuned in to my transistor radio, spinning 45s and plunking out song melodies on a red and white toy piano.

Geez, I wish someone had told me that was songwriting.

I made my singing debut where most performers get their start – in a little joint called “The Bathroom”. Swiftly realizing the pounding on the door was annoyance not fan adoration, I deferred seeking a recording contract.

Instead, I did the college thing and the family thing (no regrets with either one), wrote mainly for self-preservation and admittedly, by the time the day’s volume softened, the last thing I wanted to hear was even the sweet sound of music. Silence indeed was golden.

The Winds of Change
Then the millennium herald in a gusty wind that disrupted my life like Dorothy being tossed from her Kansas foundation in the Wizard of Oz. I traversed the yellow brick road in search of the Great Oz (wisdom), only to discover it was inside me. I metaphorically clicked my heels and found myself professionally pursuing writing and smack dab in the middle of a Boston NSAI songwriters’ meeting.

Could the nuns have been right – “bold and brassy”!

I spent two glorious years studying songwriting and learned more about myself, the craft, the industry and artists (icons and indies) than I could have ever imagined. The entire process fine-tuned every country chord in my DNA and shortly thereafter found me with guitar in hand. I could hear the songs in my head and wanted to learn to put them to chords. Let me clarify – I don’t play guitar, I play with it (and I say that with utmost respect for every guitar player out there and with a desire to better master the basics of the craft). I discovered I’m a sucker for the minor chords, the deep, rich echo of a large-bodied acoustic and a Celtic back beat. I pick more than strum but truth be told, it’s because I stink at strumming.

Unexpectedly, the winds of change blew like a storm up from the south once again. And native to a land not known for storm shelters, I found myself personally and professionally tossed about the eastern seaboard. I settled for a short time in one port and found a treasure of pleasure in the world of country music blogging, where I spent two years as Co-Editor and writer before parting ways.

I picked myself up by my cowboy bootstraps and set out to combine my love of country music with the skills I learned, contacts I made, knowledge I acquired and publish my own blog. I brainstormed its concept, purchased a domain, created a layout and met with designers. But the winds were still howling outside my storm shelter so I stayed hunkered down and periodically posted “country” at my parent company blog.

CME Launches
Then one day a hint of light shone through a crack in that storm shelter and I knew it was time. People were showing up, comments were being made, opportunities were presenting themselves, strategies, clarities, design help. Like a ten-year overnight success, CME was launched! – one of Boston-based writer Christine McDonald’s many creative passions.

Professional Projects & Personal Passions
When I’m not writing “country”, professionally I can be found writing for the holistic health, healing arts and spiritual industry. I teach and administer the Japanese Healing Art of Reiki (spiritual energy) and have developed and teach the Write to Release™ through Therapeutic Journal Writing program.

When I’m off the clock I enjoy family, friends, food, pets, reading, walking, photography and the ocean.

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