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Christine-McDonaldWriting Since I Was Old Enough to Hold a Pencil and a Thought™, Christine McDonald is a savvy business woman with an Associate degree and a background as a court and conference reporter.

I grew up captivated by the arts and in hindsight blame it all on Jimmy Durante.

Mesmerized by music, I spent hours tuned in to my transistor radio, spinning 45s and plunking out song melodies on a red and white toy piano.

Geez, I wish someone had told me that was songwriting.

I made my singing debut where most performers get their start – in a little joint called “The Bathroom”. Swiftly realizing the pounding on the door was annoyance not fan adoration, I deferred seeking a recording contract.

Instead, I did the college thing and the family thing (no regrets with either one), wrote mainly for self-preservation and admittedly, by the time the day’s volume softened, the last thing I wanted to hear was even the sweet sound of music. Silence indeed was golden.

The Winds of Change
Then the millennium herald in a gusty wind that disrupted my life like Dorothy being tossed from her Kansas foundation in the Wizard of Oz. I traversed the yellow brick road in search of the Great Oz (wisdom), only to discover it was inside me. I metaphorically clicked my heels and found myself professionally pursuing writing and smack dab in the middle of a Boston NSAI songwriters’ meeting.

Could the nuns have been right – “bold and brassy”!

I spent two glorious years studying songwriting and learned more about myself, the craft, the industry and artists (icons and indies) than I could have ever imagined. The entire process fine-tuned every country chord in my DNA and shortly thereafter found me with guitar in hand. I could hear the songs in my head and wanted to learn to put them to chords. Let me clarify – I don’t play guitar, I play with it (and I say that with utmost respect for every guitar player out there and with a desire to better master the basics of the craft). I discovered I’m a sucker for the minor chords, the deep, rich echo of a large-bodied acoustic and a Celtic back beat. I pick more than strum but truth be told, it’s because I stink at strumming.

Unexpectedly, the winds of change blew like a storm up from the south once again. And native to a land not known for storm shelters, I found myself personally and professionally tossed about the eastern seaboard. I settled for a short time in one port and found a treasure of pleasure in the world of country music blogging, where I spent two years as Co-Editor and writer before parting ways.

I picked myself up by my cowboy bootstraps and set out to combine my love of country music with the skills I learned, contacts I made, knowledge I acquired and publish my own blog. I brainstormed its concept, purchased a domain, created a layout and met with designers. But the winds were still howling outside my storm shelter so I stayed hunkered down and periodically posted “country” at my parent company blog.

CME Launches
Then one day a hint of light shone through a crack in that storm shelter and I knew it was time. People were showing up, comments were being made, opportunities were presenting themselves, strategies, clarities, design help. Like a ten-year overnight success, CME was launched! – one of Boston-based writer Christine McDonald’s many creative passions.

Professional Projects & Personal Passions
When I’m not writing “country”, professionally I can be found writing for the holistic health, healing arts and spiritual industry. I teach and administer the Japanese Healing Art of Reiki (spiritual energy) and have developed and teach the Write to Release™ through Therapeutic Journal Writing program.

When I’m off the clock I enjoy family, friends, food, pets, reading, walking, photography and the ocean.

About Christine McDonald (31 Articles)
Christine McDonald is a Boston-based copy, content and column writer, crafting copy for the arts, entertainment, holistic health and spiritual markets. Christine's been "Writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought™", hooked on country since conception and studied songwriting with the Boston chapter of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International). When Christine's not writing she enjoys family, friends, food, pets, photography, reading and the ocean.

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