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Eli Young Band’s “Drunk Last Night” Impacting Everyone Everywhere – Song Review

Eli Young Band "Drunk Last Night" Song cover

Eli Young Band serve their first and powerful shot of “Drunk Last Night” from their upcoming album. The band’s new release impacted iTunes on June 25th, impacted country radio on July 1st, is making quite an impact on the Kenny Chesney No Shoes Nation Tour and will impact you as soon as you hear it.

“We loved our last record and are lucky enough to have a song from it reach double platinum”, shares bassist Jon Jones. We set the bar high on these next set of songs – no pun intended – and we are thrilled to release our first single from those sessions.”

The new “Drunk Last Night” single is slightly different sounding from the magnificence of “Life At Best”. But Mike Eli’s vocals have a sincere and unique conviction, no matter the song. And that conviction is evident and obvious as he gets drunk and pours out his emotions in the ever-so-dreaded ‘drunk phone call’.

The Art of Letting Go
Letting go of the past is a necessary but often difficult task. And if you’re having trouble with how, it’s a one hundred proof fact that getting drunk seamlessly opens the doors to release – even if that proof comes after the fact and goes down something like …

“brought it all up, got it all out // what is it worth to both of us now // it’s off my chest but never off my mind // two drinks in, hit that hurt // you feel bad and I feel worse // I swear it’s the last time every time // don’t know why . . .

Mighta been a song on the radio // mighta been nothin’ baby, I don’t know // mighta been a little too tired to fight // mighta been I got a little ‘Drunk Last Night’”

Infused with emotion, confession, attitude and a driving drum ‘n electric guitar bass, “Drunk Last Night” is going to tantalize your taste buds, seduce your inhibitions and strengthen your resolve. It’s lyrically universal, melodically captivating, instrumentally tension-building and it’s got an infectious hook that’ll linger long after the hangover’s gone.

Stock the bar and make it a double. This is a killer shot. Eli Young Band is serving “Drunk Last Night” LIVE on the Kenny Chesney No Shoes Nation Tour, on tap at iTunes now and in a nip sized sample below. Drink it up … no ID required!

Eli Young Band – “Drunk Last Night” – audio only

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(previously published July 12, 2013 at My Little Shangri-La Blog under ‘Country Music’)

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