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Eric Church Returns to Prison

Things have certainly been looking good lately for EMI recording artist Eric Church. Having recently taken home the ACM Award for New Solo Vocalist of the Year and currently holding a strong nomination for the 7 for the Nationwide Insurance On Your Side Award, it seemed Eric’s career was picking up positive speed.
But a quick look at his record indicates Eric Church has returned to prison. This time for the shooting of Homeboy.
Reported as Church’s fastest-rising career single, Homeboy is Eric’s lead single from Chief, his much anticipated, soon-to-be released third studio album and personal nickname adopted from his grandfather.


Now, through no fault and no fight of my own I became addicted to Eric Church when he debuted a Sinner Like Me in 2006. With whiskey-soaked vocals, tour names like Jagermeister and song lyrics like “Jack Daniels kicked my ass again last night”, becoming addicted to Eric Church – well,  came natural.What can I say, we all lose our way.

As can anyone we know. And as did the subject of Eric Church’s current single and recently released video – Homeboy.

But Church wastes no time returning to the old Tennessee State Penitentiary in Nashville where in 2007 he filmed his breath-holding video for Lightning

“the song that got Eric his publishing deal and ultimately his record deal”, confides Cindy Mabe, vice president of marketing at Capitol Records Nashville. She concludes, “it (Lightning) represents everything that makes Eric unique…his ability to hold you in the palm of his hands with a story that will bring you to tears and makes you feel empathy for a man that’s going to the electric chair.”

And while the subject of Homeboy is not facing the death penalty, Eric returns once again to the State Prison, pleading that the youngster give up his street lifestyle and come back home.

Eric’s signature rough and rowdy vocals explode rhythmically in sync with Homeboy’s chorus, heightening the tension, tempting the boy and complementing the plea.

Only time will tell if Eric Church is able to convince this young prisoner to return to a cleaner life. But one thing’s for certain, Homeboy’s a prelude to another wild ride with Chief !

Eric Church – “Homeboy” – Official Video
(all rights are the reserved property of Eric Church and EMI records)

What do you think of the Chief’s (Eric Church) new video “Homeboy”?

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