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Like the Years It Takes to Compile a 3-Minute Song

It’s amazing how stories that take so long to unfold can be captivated in a 3-minute country music compilation.

When I sat down to write this “Hello! I’m back” post the first thing that came to mind was the blissful feeling of returning home. The second thing that came to mind was Trace Adkins’ “Every Light in the House”. After having parted ways from country music writing for a short while I metaphorically looked south (deep in my soul) one day and saw that indeed “every light in the house was on”. And I knew my desire to return had never waned.

After leaving my position as Co-Editor and writer of a country music publication from 2011-2013 I set out to set up Country Music Enterprise. And then change happened and life happened and moves happened. And before I knew it, two years had gone by and CME was still pitching softly to me in the background, like a lullaby soothing my soul.

Gosh, that even sounds like a country music story.

Gone So Long
But, you may wonder, why was I gone so long from something I love so much?

Like an artist who puts a song on “hold”, I put Country Music Enterprise on hold knowing full well it would see publication the moment it was supposed to.

But truth be told, I was never really gone. I just kept meeting up with obstacles.

After parting ways from my two-year Co-Editor and writer position I picked myself up by my cowboy bootstraps and set out to combine my love of country music with the skills I learned, contacts I made, knowledge I acquired and publish my own blog. I brainstormed its concept, purchased a domain, created a layout and met with designers. But the winds of change were howling so I stayed hunkered down and periodically posted “country” at my parent company blog.

Then one day a hint of light shone through and I knew it was time. People were showing up, comments were being made, opportunities were presenting themselves, strategies, clarities, design help. Like a ten-year overnight success, CME was launched!

I’m glad to be back in the country music saddle. Take a minute to check out what CME is all about, saddle up and ride along.

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Christine McDonald is a Boston-based copy, content and column writer, crafting copy for the arts, entertainment, holistic health and spiritual markets. Christine's been "Writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought™", hooked on country since conception and studied songwriting with the Boston chapter of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International). When Christine's not writing she enjoys family, friends, food, pets, photography, reading and the ocean.

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