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Jimmy Wayne Performs National Anthem – ESPN Ops Out of Airing It?

The stage was set, mic in place, invites out. Jimmy Wayne fans tuned in to Monday Night Football last night (November 28, 2011) to watch Jimmy pay tribute to our great country by singing the National Anthem before the start of the New Orleans Saints against The New York Giants football game on ESPN – you know, kinda like is always done before sporting events.But apparently ESPN decided something other than the National Anthem was more important. So while Jimmy indeed took to the field, took to the mic and took your breath away as he belched out a flawless performance of the National Anthem, home viewers were left wondering where’s the National Anthem?


Well, Jimmy was indeed there and did indeed perform. And just like the thorough job he does in all his commitments, whether it’s an album, his Meet Me Halfway Project in support of foster children who age out of the system with nowhere to go, his being a National Spokesperson for CASA for Children or his continued support of the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program, which his recently released “Paper Angels” book is based on, Jimmy Wayne shared across the social media today the video of last night’s performance of the National Anthem for all his fans he knew had their hearts set on watching.

Now, we all know what a difficult song this is to perform. Not for Jimmy. His vocals soared above the howling and applause of the crowd and delivered a brilliant performance with a little playfulness at the end.

There’s no doubt Jimmy is certainly musically blessed – among other things.

Check the performance of the National Anthem and Jimmy Wayne out. Both deliver !

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